School Transport

Our policy at St. George’s is to encourage sustainable travel to and from school.

Click here to see our School Travel Plan.

There is a bus that serves the army community and  Warminster town, mornings and afternoons which is run by Beeline.  The daily fare is £1.60 return, £1 one way, or £6 for a weekly return pass.  All these are payable direct to the driver.  The bus is a public service vehicle and not under contract to the school.  Whilst children travel on the bus they are the responsibility of parents not the school.

A member of staff supervises children getting on to the bus in the afternoons. The buses are all fitted with seat belts and children must wear their seat belt at all times when on the bus.

Children must be met at the bus stop by a parent or a responsible adult unless the school and Beeline are in receipt of authorisation from the parent giving children permission to walk home unaccompanied.  A responsible adult must also wait with the children at the bus stop in the morning until the bus arrives.

Parents must book places on the bus by completing a booking form which should be put in the post box in the Reception area at the start of each week.  Children will only be put on the bus in the afternoon if the school are in receipt of a booking form for the correct week signed by a parent.

Click here for a Bus Booking Form.

Any amendments parents wish to make to the original request during the week must be made in writing to the school office.  In an emergency, emails or phone calls are acceptable but must be received at least 1 hour before the intended journey which is to be amended >and you have received a response from us acknowledging receipt of the change.

Please do not send texts.


08.40 Grovelands Way

08.50 NAAFI

08.52 Wilson Square

The above times are approximate and may change at short notice.  It is advisable to arrive at the bus stop ahead of the scheduled time.

For children who are able to cycle to school, we have a secure bike shed on site and children are taught Bikeability in Year 5 and 6, a scheme to enable them to travel to school