St. Thomas’ class

Welcome to Year 6!

We are all now back to school and we are returning to more normal operations which is ideal for our new Year 6 children as they can make the most of their ‘Roles of Responsibility’ and develop their leadership in the school community.

Year 6 is an exciting year with lots of new and different experiences for the children; we are looking forward to it!

Class Teacher:
Mr Halligan

Teaching Assistant:

Mrs Cleary

Term One and Two Parent Newsletter: 

Year 6 Welcome Newsletter 2021.


Year 6 Maths Overview


Medium Term Writing Outcomes Term 1 Year 6

Topic Intent and Overview:

Topic Web Vikings Valiant Vicious


Reading Olympiad:

St Thomas AUTUMN Term 2021 Reading Olympiad

Year 6 Reading Spine 2021 2022:

POWer Projects: 

POWer Project Vicious Vikings Term One

  • Maths: White Rose
  • English: National Curriculum for English.
  • R.E.: God Matters
  • Science: Science Pathways & Kent Primary Scheme of Work