Ethos, Aims and Values

Welcome to St. George’s Catholic Primary School, a school of which we are very proud! 

Our Vision

  In the light of Christ we will learn what we need to be the difference in our world.


Our Mission Statement

We learn, we love, we look after our world. We strive to be the best that we can be, following in the footsteps of Jesus.

Ethos, Aims & Values

St. George’s Catholic Primary School serves the Parishes of St. George’s in Warminster and St. Bernadette’s in Westbury but we welcome children of all denominations.

As a team and along with the Governors, we have worked hard to ensure that all the children of the school are happy, safe and enjoy their lessons:

‘St George’s Catholic Primary is a nurturing school. Pupils are proud of their school and they feel looked after and cared for. They are happy and feel safe because of the good relationships between staff and pupils’. Ofsted 2020

It is an environment where everyone is respected, positive self-esteem is fostered and where understanding and compassion will develop the strength of character to be an individual.  Please join us and become part of our vision:

  • to develop lively, enquiring minds and to question and argue rationally
  • to develop creativity and aesthetic awareness and to apply themselves mentally and physically
  • to respect religious values and to develop personal and moral values
  • to find pleasure in learning and to experience success

Our aim is to provide the highest possible standards for the children in our care.  The whole child is important to us and we aim to develop our children intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually and for them to develop into lifelong learners. We help every child to reach his or her potential, whether it is academically, in sport or the performing arts, and as a good citizen in society.

Respect and love for everything in God’s world is a main part of our ethos and we encourage children to think and evaluate, to reflect and communicate.  We encourage children to live their life based on the teachings of Christ and an awareness of British Values .

We aim to meet the needs of all learners, and our children are aware of diversity, the need to love and protect all living things, whilst being kind, caring and polite members of society.

Pupils are prepared for life in modern Britain.  They are taught about respect for others and pupils have a strong moral compass. As a result, pupils get on well with each other in and around the school.  The school celebrates different religions and cultures.  Teachers provide nurturing support for pupils who need help with their well being.   Pupils know about healthy lifestyles and living in the wider world.  OFSTED 2020

Our children are lovely, our staff friendly and hard-working and our Governors are dedicated to improvement.  

As well as help with reading art and craft, the children enjoy visits from parents and grandparents and other adults with special areas of expertise:  artists, scientists and historians.

Our classes from Year 3 to Year 6 are single year groups. Our Early Years Centre incorporates our Reception and Nursery class and currently Years 1 and 2 work as one class.

We have excellent links with both St. Augustine’s Catholic College in Trowbridge and Kingdown School in Warminster, where most of our Year 6 pupils transfer to.  For families who need additional child care, our extended provision includes a Breakfast Club, After School Club and our Pre-school, which opened in September 2019, for children aged 3-5.

We welcome visitors to the school and look forward to meeting you soon.  Please contact the school office for an appointment.